If you include a need for research personnel and trainees, state their roles and explain why you require the level in terms of qualifications and salary that you are requesting. Training focused on ethics-related concepts falls under 1h and should be included. One-pagers will be posted in a publicly accessible repository and on the DSEN CIHR website; other documents will be posted to the public repository as they become available. This competition remains open to address Queries received for the entire year and peer reviewers are brought together to review applications on an ad hoc basis. Complete the ResearchNet Application Task 1:

According to interviewees, the loss of DSEN would result in fragmented and uncoordinated research which could reduce the availability of credible research for decision makers meaning they would have to make decisions based on the resources and information that are available to them. The research proposal should stand alone i. Indicate if this application includes a randomized controlled trial RCT. A total of 17 interviews served as an important source of information for the evaluation by providing information that was used as a line of evidence for all evaluation issues and questions. For further information on research involving human participants and human biological materials, refer to the TCPS nd edition of Tri-Council Policy Statement: Reviewers are under no obligation to read Other Application Materials see Task 7.

The Research Summary completed by applicants at Registration has been pre-populated in the application and can be updated at Application. Indicate if this application includes a randomized controlled trial.

For a definition and more information regarding clinical trials, consult the Policy researcn trials.

Knowledge Translation Guidance Document for DSEN Researchers and Stakeholders

Applications with a central focus on carrying out ethical and culturally competent research involving Indigenous peoples, with the intent to promote health cihg research that is in keeping with Indigenous values and traditions may be reviewed by the Indigenous Health Research IHR Committee.

This information is used by CIHR to inform the public and Parliament about the valuable research supported through public funds.


There were several reasons for the six declines received. What is the message? An agreement with the Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health CADTH will allow appnedix greater engagement of provincial and territorial drug plan managers and policy makers working in jurisdictional pharmaceutical policy.

For renewal applicants, summarize progress under the current grant and, if applicable, identify the term of your current CIHR grant. Furthermore, one interviewee also posited that an additional cause could be that provincial and territorial decision makers are less familiar with the DSEN query process. Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law38, 3, pp.

It is intended to provide clarity and transparency on the process and make tools available in the form of adaptive procedures and templates. The Ethics Office’s process for refining the inclusion and exclusion criteria and validating relevant grants and awards is described in Appendix 2.

cihr research proposal appendix

This document serves to guide DSEN researchers and stakeholders towards further development of materials for various audiences through tailoring key messages and suggesting tools for dissemination.

Specialized training, strategic employment positions, etc.

cihr research proposal appendix

cihg Of these, 21 funding opportunities contained ethics content. Status updates on project milestones sharable within the Network. CIHR does not release funding until it obtains all signatures.

This report on — activities describes how CIHR is meeting its commitments under the Ethics Action Plan, and provides baseline data to measure success over time. A further confounding factor is that some of the outcomes that can be expected could range from decisions to withdraw licences for specific drugs to reearch an additional warning on the label of a drug. When you do this, a subtask will automatically appear within the Budget Task. Provide a clear, concise description of your proposed research, using the adjudication criteria outlined below.

Antithrombotic Therapy for Patients with Atrial Fibrillation.

Grants – ResearchNet “Application” Phase Instructions

Out of the four Working Group members, two had been involved in the conceptual work that preceded the establishment of the DSEN initiative. Copyright and License information Disclaimer.


For example, DSEN supported research and funding opportunities have directly supported over PMDSE researchers through team grants, funded an additional seven new investigators through awards and bridging grants, and indirectly developed capacity by training graduate and post-graduate students through their participation in the research teams.

Reviewers are called in to for ad hoc reseearch to review submitted applications. Amounts must be identified in Canadian dollars. What are the learning opportunities for DSEN researchers and trainees to increase their knowledge of the practice and science of KT? Your response should not require reference to any other form of documentation as reviewers will not have access to previous application information.

InDSEN established seven methodology-specific research teams research teams which receive funds to support network activities, capacity development and knowledge translation activities.

Evaluation of the Drug Safety and Effectiveness Network Program – CIHR

The keyword method is being developed to identify: After the establishment of the DSEN funded research teams, the DSEN CO subsequently developed its own funding instrument, the Rapid Funding grant, to support the research activities of the six teams that must apply for funds to address Queries on an as-needed basis.

This task collects information used for the purpose of peer review administration and aids CIHR in recruiting appropriate expertise. As illustrated in Figure 1, grants and awards with ethics as a primary focus, and as a non-primary focus i. The following case study of a query pertaining to Isotretinoin illustrates the importance of collaboration between HC and DSEN in refining a research query. In order to carry out the proposed research in this application, is an exemption from Health Canada under Section 56 of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act required?

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