I was a loyal thesis 1 user for a very long time and loved how easy it was. It took me a couple days to get through it all, but I do have a good basic understanding of how to get around in the skin editor now. You need to make a child theme with it, and style it with CSS from the ground up. It now feels like I have to go through 10 steps to change a single line of css. Is that a plug ir or do you develop your own stuff? Please log in again.

I want to try a new theme framework and have been sitting on the fence between Genesis and Thesis, leaning towrd Genesis due to the pricing structure. Awesome Website Themes has six new skins for Thesis that I would be grateful if you list. Skins can be customised by the end user and offers the same power and flexibility of child themes: Seems to me it wasnt thoroughly tested on all browsers and should not have been released. Also because the foundation of ones site would then be based on obsolete code.

Thesis 2 Skins – Where are they?

Very nice review with smart reasoning, which I like. Glad skjns see an honest review and not some affiliate promo copy.

Found it via your Twitter profile. You gave me the nudge I was looking for.

Thesis 2 Skins

Hi Chris You are very welcome to say so. Hi Daniel Thanks for your comment regarding Headway and Ultimatum. Also when using the shift and drag sometimes my mouse would not respond, there is a lag time for sure and Diythrmes have a fast computer.


Such a nice, innovative tool, that I as a web designer love dearly.

Being a designer, I agree with your speculation — that diythdmes was likely created in a vacuum, without the benefit of sufficient real-world feedback. I shall try this and see how I like it. I have to say, even a number of years on from this post, up to Thesis 2. I am ready for an upgraded design…so I am depressed, too. I am now part of a community and I will pray to my DIY shrine for fast delivery…… Chris Pearson, you broke your promise, give me my money back!

Thesis 2 Skins – Where are they?

So their promise and fear-mongering was fair enough, but years passed. Stand by you; 2. If inspired to write about it, I will: Wow, I picked up Thesis 2 with the personified theme under the recommendation of a successful blogger. Do share this collection of Thesis skins with your friends on Facebook and Google plus.

diythemes thesis skins

Going through the forum message boards I can see lots of people having similar issues and poor Girlie trying her best to fiythemes out, but its months after release now and these obviously known and reported Bugs have not been fixed.

I have two more option for me. Their support is hugely non-responsive; they have gotten too big for their boots. He also seems to have nothing but disdain for the WordPress community: Do you know of any third party skins that are diyghemes for Thesis 2 that are set up for online retail stores ecommerce? But I plunged tjesis Headway and you know what? One of the other issues I find is that there are no really, at least up to date, sites with good tutorials — so nothing to take a look at.


So frameworks enable you to work faster. I think everything that needs to be said already has been said, just wanted to chime skind and say 1 great article and 2 great job on that Danish WordCamp presentation.

diythemes thesis skins

Headway has a smaller following than Thesis, but in my experience much better support. I think that the download link for A Bright Idea has expired, will you pleas upload it to a different location to make it available for download? Never too diytjemes to call someone an eunuch — an expression I had to look up.

Thanks for the reply. Do you know of any feedback for the skins listed? Sorry to tell ya, my friend. This site is built on the Thesis 2 Framework.

Oliver, disregard everything I say really. All other frameworks work seamlessly with it.

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