Hi Oliver, Like all your other commentators. I also went onto headway and tried out their demo. We bought Thesis 1 a couple of years ago. The sales video makes it look really good, and I bet it is once you get the hang of it. Blogussion is one of the best theme but it is not free.

Then Genesis can be a good, solid choice. No more, Im done with it. I consider this a minor annoyance for such a great concept and product. Would like to check it out, but their site has been throwing an Internal Server Error for a few hours now. I restored Thesis 1 on my site and abandoned Thesis 2. Their homepage looks like a copy of HeadwayThemes. Of course, most new stuff has a learning curve.

Forum user counts have been disabled, but queries are way down compared to a week ago. On a positive note: Genesis also offers Responsive design straight outta… the thesie.

Quik is a clean, magazine style skins for Thesis, which is perfect for any type of blog.

Will take a look at it when the site comes up. My blog loaded but the next challenge was upon me immediately. I could not figure out intuitively how those boxes etc worked!

DIYthemes Thesis 2.0 – Less Than Impressed. Depressed.

Have a nice weekend: Thank you so much for sharing all this information I was still looking for theme that i will be able to use for my blog.


At least in the usability department. Will read some of your posts in the coming days. It was OK with v1. I think the thing with the blogging about blogging niche is that most of the successful blogs are written for people who want to read about it rather than just do it and that annoys me.

The login page will open in a new tab. Network Content Action Responsive Skin https: Check out free and premium skins for Thesis 2.

diythemes thesis skins

Paradoxical, since it was vaporware for years. Much better to grow ones business than tinkering and making life harder than it should be. Have they sorted out the incompatibility with Yoast in the recent Thesis 2 updates?

It has a comment module. As you can see, Ive only got the right column widget on the homepage now, plus the header space on the homepage is bigger than my other pages. I only wish I had seen this article sooner. Skinx started with the classic Thesis 2 framework, but in the end, I found it easier to understand by stripping each page completely and starting with the Body box.

DIYthemes Thesis – Less Than Impressed. Depressed.

The fact that Ultimatum blatantly copied the site design of HeadwayThemes. After waiting 6 months i gave up with thesis and purchased genesis. Do you mean the Responsive theme from CyberChimps? We all make our own little dent in the universe.


diythemes thesis skins

They all are ready for Thesis 2. But check out KolaKube. But I rarely find it to be a problem. I was also hoping to have something flexible yet simple enough that she can manage most thesus changes herself. Or if they Headway developers released an update that altered the way the layout mechanism renders the block structure say they found a more efficient or maybe SEO-friendly way to do itthat could also cause your design to go belly-up, because the specific row-wrappings are not documented or guaranteed.

But apart from that, I believe Headway, Genesis and the rest of the popular frameworks are just as good as Thesis. The details may be found at the following link: I am learning a more about framework theme I do not know what is this and how to use it I am heading towards because they are telling me that it is an drag and drop facilities which enable the technical noob person to make a good diyhhemes customizable site without adding any code.

I too ditched Thesis as I started running diythemds of patience. You’ve got the latest and greatest!

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