These two people now stuck in one home, married, and to Norma Jean, stuck together under one roof. It makes you wonder though, the ideas that are running through the mind of Norma Jeans how she really feels of her husband. Because she and Jet went there on their honeymoon and because Norma Jean was conceived there, Mabel manipulates Norma Jean and Leroy into taking the trip to Shiloh in order to overcome her lack and to fulfill her desires. Not maybe because she wants to die, but knowing that she has nothing more to look forward, but the reality of the end. Then you have the husband, what does he mean to her now?

I feel she did. Hi there, would you like to get such an essay? Norma Jean and Leroy marry because Norma Jean gets pregnant, a fact that not only shames Mabel but one that she entirely blames on Leroy. Before Norma Jean can speak, though, Mabel reveals her ulterior motive for suggesting the trip: The next day, Mabel and Jet visited the battleground, and then Norma Jean was born She used to go to bed with the chickens.

So when her mother Mabel finds out, she mentions the one thing that would cause a reaction out of Norma Jean. Where a place was the end for so many, it will also be the end of her and the end of her relationship. In a reverie about the battle at Shiloh, Leroy thinks: Ironically, however, in the middle of their picnic lunch, Eessay Jean tells Leroy bobbue she wants to leave bovbie.

Before he started truck driving he had bough Norma Jean and organ for Christmas. By blaming Leroy for the loss of her place within the first family structure and by blaming Norma Jean for a similar loss within the second family structure, Mabel desires to keep her power and privilege by maintaining possession of the phallus. After the death of their son Randy, they never really talked about, never dealt with the issues, the feeling, or the pain.


The Return to Shiloh: Family and Fantasy in Bobbie Ann Mason’s “Shiloh”

The sad feelings brought back, all to pay her back for seeing her smoking. She becomes the sole proprietor and the sole executor of the phallus.

Check it out goo. As the story unfolds, moreover, we see that perhaps Mabel was the primary source of that stress.

Indeed, rather than effect a re-union, Norma Jean takes the trip to get away from Leroy, Mabel, and the idea of conceiving another bobbis.

essay on shiloh by bobbie ann mason

With all the elements in place—father, mother, child—Mabel can assume her role as the doting grandmother. Did she do what many thought she did, jump to her death? The physical and psychic losses which she experiences, however, function primarily as symptoms of an earlier, more profound, lack.

The Return to Shiloh: Family and Fantasy in Bobbie Ann Mason’s “Shiloh”

Norma Jean’s husband was the kind of husband who was never home, but at random moments here and there, when he was passing by from trips driving his truck. After fifteen years he still thinks that Norma Jean is that same girl before he left, when in reality she became someone else. Oxford University Press, Male Subjectivity at the Margins.

essay on shiloh by bobbie ann mason

Just as she blamed Leroy for her loss of Norma Jean—and thus her place in the first family structure—Mabel blames Norma Jean for her loss of Randy—and thus the loss of her place in the second family structure.


A Journal of Contemporary Thought A Journal of the Arts in the South This place could represent a number of different things, but I feel that it mean an end. When Norma Jean tells Leroy that she wants to leave him, Leroy responds: The Subject of Semiotics.

Get your custom essay sample. The story ends when she turns back to Leroy and waves her arms. I feel eighteen again. The end of many lives, the end of the war, they use this place as a commemoration of a battle that ended in death and the end of many people.

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Bachelor’s or higher degree. At the end of the trip to Shiloh and at the end of the story—which are both her trip and her story–Mabel remains a desiring subject—and a subject of desire.

essay on shiloh by bobbie ann mason

Norma Jean I think is standing on the edge of that cliff staring at her esday. Reality of what or how their relationship was before he became a truck driver. Leroy Moffitt injured his leg in a highway accident and was home ever since he was unable to drive his tractor-trailer. In addition, Leroy talks more openly and more personally with Mabel than he ever did with Norma Jean:

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