Car, health, or life insurance that has both of your names on the policy or the other spouse listed as the beneficiary. Going back to the main topic of the OP here, each filer should know the essence of filing the removal of conditions, i. Much appreciated, as I’m just putting my package together. Documentary proof showing evidence of your children together Copy of Birth Certificate, photos, etc. My I application is not denied, they just need an additional and updated documents from me. Auburn Hills, MI Visa type: They are asking for “request for further evidence” after I sent in my I application.

I assumed they would be able all these information and compare it to make sure it matches. Posted August 5, Check sonia’s post it will help you a lot about what you docs you need for the rfe goodluck! Utility bills, credit card bills, and other types of bills which have both of your names on them. Answering in a polite and civilized manner can go a long way towards helping your case. Posted 03 March –

Just in case anyone was interested, the tab dividers in the picture are Avery Bottom-Style Dividers that we purchased for cheap on Amazon here. Based on our experience, we have compiled a 10 Point coevr guide to assist you in answering your RFEs. As a typical Filipina, I was really into it. Send new evidence, even if only updated versions of what you sent before, but don’t send exactly what you sent before.

Posted August 26, On the “don’t panic” front — ultimately the burden of proof is on the CIS to show a fraudulent marriage. Several functions may not work. Such evidence may include but is not limited to the following: Free Download and customize it according to the sample text below.


Even just showing the Filipino food I cook on the table He’s actually not so fond of taking pictures as often as every Asian would. I’ve seen couple posts where people never received it but that probably is due to other issues we don’t know of.

Sign In Sign Up. Adjustment of Status AOS. Thank you for your very informative post. Skip and Download Skip and Download.

If you are in the “less is more” camp, then perhaps this list of evidence sample is not for you. A crucial part of filing this form is that you present evidence of your bona fide marital relationship, as your removal of conditions is based upon your marriage.

If you have very little documentary evidence, you may find affidavits helpful.

In case you’re still feeling a little lost while writing your Form I cover letter, here are a few useful tips:. RFEs are often in point form requesting factual information from either the beneficiary or petitioner. Additionally, you will need to submit a copy of the green card of the person who is applying for removal of conditions.

10 Tips “how to reply” to a RFE – Request for Evidence. – Immigration Law Blog

Coverr filed it in April 21, 7 days before my conditional GC expiredI received my extension letter over a month later. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.

We filed my AOS via a lawyer who cost us an arm and a leg. While the USCIS instructions for the I say that civer should cover the entire period from your marriage up to the present date, there is no need to repeat evidence that you already submitted to them earlier.


i 751 rfe cover letter

I understand the process, been there long ago! It seems like a lot of evidence! I know what you mean about gathering other documents and that’s why post lists what you may gather that may help you!

How to Write an I-751 Cover Letter

You can change the texts, images, form fields, font lefter and color in the templates with this tool. I sent my marriage certificate just to be extra cautious, just in case USCIS lost it from two years ago.

i 751 rfe cover letter

Customers should notify the Director of their local office when they have a complaint about a civil surgeon. Obviously my husband and I belong to the “everything but the kitchen sink” group and our evidence came up to 5.

i 751 rfe cover letter

Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Going back to the main topic of the OP here, each filer should know the essence of tfe the removal of conditions, i.

Posted September 2, My I application is not denied, they just need an additional and updated documents from me, thank you for your the good info. I’m also attaching two pictures of how we assembled our package and the box we used for mailing since I’ve seen many questions related to these topics.

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