While all Forum decisions are reported to the Departmental Staff and may well need to be revised to accord with Department or School policies, the Forum is seen to be the first stage of consultation in relation to changes in MA course structure, departmental structure and essay regulations. Students are encouraged to set the agenda for the meetings. Students should also demonstrate an understanding of the specialized field of their degree. Students are expected to prepare relevant readings in advance of tutorials and to participate fully in class discussions. Perhaps more importantly, it is only through your own concerted working out of ideas and understandings, and your active efforts at problem solving and deploying material, that sustainable not just measurable progress in your learning and comprehension can be developed. By this time you should have a revised and clearly stated set of aims, objectives and methodology, a substantial bibliography, a clear idea of what information resources you will need to access, and a provisional outline of sections or chapters with headings. If the preceding timetable of work and guidance has been followed, you should be properly launched on a sustainable process of research and writing.

Please pay particular attention to style of presentation generally. Representations 1,2; reprinted in The predicament of culture; twentieth-century ethnography, literature, and art. These counsellors can also refer a student to a regular programme of help when necessary. Agenda items can come from Departmental meetings, or any student representative. First and second-year lectures may be especially useful to any student feeling in need of extra guidance on the topics dealt with in Theoretical Approaches to Social Anthropology during the first term.

The Student-Staff Forum includes both staff and student representatives.

soas masters dissertation deadline

Written coursework serves to give tutors an indication of how well you have assimilated a body of knowledge, how sound is your grasp of key concepts and principles, how capably you can critically appraise material, and how articulately and effectively you can construct an argument. There nasters a core academic staff of approximately 18 members. Failure to observe these rules may result in an allegation of cheating.

The Department is managed by the academic staff themselves under the direction of the Head of Department and the Faculty Dean and with the support of Faculty administrative staff.


The Masters programmes are 12 month programmes and students are expected to give priority to their studies while enrolled.

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Monday 22 April – results will be published in early July Spelling should be correct and normally conform to that used in the Oxford English Dictionary. It is an efficient system, once mastered. You will have other coursework to complete in this period, as well as revision for the unseen exams.

Students will find this a useful adjunct to Theoretical Approaches if they are interested in theoretical aspects of contemporary anthropology.

soas masters dissertation deadline

All students are strongly urged to take advantage of this superb opportunity throughout their degree programme in order to gain experience of a wide array of historical visual anthropology. These are carefully selected from the collections of the Royal Anthropological Institute and elsewhere and are introduced by people with specialist knowledge. Dyslexic students must inform the Examination Officer well before their examinations, and produce appropriate evidence.

SOAS students are eligible masterz use the Madters Health Service details of how to make appointments can be obtained in the Faculty and Students Union Officeswhich not only provides medical care, but is also a valuable place to go to for a much broader range of consultations. Assessment The dissertation element is a quarter of the degree.

The third supervision must take place before the end of Term Feadline.

Students should take the initiative to arrange their first substantive supervision before the end of the second term. Attendance and absence Attendance at lectures and classes is compulsory, and will be monitored.

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In any case, neither supervisors nor other staff may soax on complete drafts. By this stage there should preferably be a draft chapter or two, perhaps on theoretical orientations, and methodology, the latter essential in the case of a dissertation involving project or fieldwork. In the conclusion it is usual not to introduce new arguments or materials, but to make inferences or draw conclusions from the arguments and materials presented.


Students often treat paragraphs as if there were no conventions.

Please refer to the relevant Course Documents. Each taught course has a Course Convenor who is responsible for that course and available to discuss problems specific to it.

Coursework essays submitted for one course may not be used for another course without acknowledgement and prior approval. Supervision The Convenor of the dissertation programme is the Programme Convenor of the relevant degree. mastes

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If you are a Masters student who is due to submit your dissertation by 15 September but feel that you are unable to meet the deadline please read the information below. Staff photographs can be found in the corridor outside the Helen Kanitkar Library room on the 5th floor.

You will dissertatin this challenging, but it can be done in a few hundred words, a few paragraphs, in a range of from about maximum words.

soas masters dissertation deadline

Word count is defined as the number of words contained in the submitted work including quotations, footnotes, titles, summaries and tables of contents. It is usually best to share such difficulties with a concerned member of staff who will be able to advise you, in confidence, on the best way to cope.

This second stage or more developed proposal should contain several sections. While all Forum decisions are reported to the Departmental Staff and may well need to be revised to accord with Department or School policies, the Forum is seen to be the first stage of consultation in relation to changes in MA course structure, departmental structure and essay regulations.

If you feel you need a short period of additional time to complete your dissertation, the normal rules for late submission of coursework apply if you submit by 30 September A distinction mark in the dissertation is required for the award of a distinction overall, likewise, a merit mark.

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