You can also include information about your career plans if any! Advise your students that they need not agonise over drafting and redrafting an SAQ; it is simply a supplement to the main body of the Personal Statement, in case they have more they wish to tell the admissions tutors. For example, they might be language-based exercises like translation for the 3-year Classics degree, or comparison of images for History of Art. It is not a matter of how quickly — or even whether — you arrive at a particular answer. And Smith said a teacher at an independent school had told him: All the info about which subject Pre-interview Assessments First check this list to see if your subject has a pre-interview assessment and read what Cambridge themselves have to say.

Applying Applying to Cambridge can be pretty daunting – most Cambridge students never thought they were going to get in. University tests Most tests are held at schools or colleges before you attend interview. An essential guide to successful Oxbridge applications The dos and don’ts Posted by: Cambridge usually comes above Oxford in the Complete University Guide rankings but this is in part because of subject mix. Students who intend to progress directly to university after school or apply for deferred entry will need to attend an Open Day in the summer of year 12, allowing them to make a decision about where to apply in advance of the UCAS deadline in October. You can read about how they do this here. Ask your teacher or exam officer.

This is automatically assessed when you apply for student finance, provided you consent to the University receiving this information in your student finance application. School or college reference Your tutors will report your academic performance as part of your UCAS reference, including your predicted grades. For more information, you might find our article 5 key factors to consider when choosing A level subjects helpful.

When placed in context, however, your academic record is still one of the biggest aspects of any Cambridge application. If you explore your chosen subject beyond what is required for the exam syllabus, this can help demonstrate your commitment to the topic and your independent study skills. However there are some roles that will require graduates from a specific discipline so if you have a future career in mind then ensure that your degree is going to enable you to work in this field.


My advice My advice for these assessments is to carefully study the mock and any past papers available to you. This particularly relevant to science and engineering, where your Year 12 knowledge may be helpful to solve the problems.

Personal statements ‘not scored’ by Cambridge tutors

Show that you can be thoughtful Oxbridge admissions tutors are looking for thoughtful and perceptive students who are curious about their chosen subject. Possible reform News broke in Summer that Cambridge is considering reform of the bursary system to improve financing for students from low and middle income backgrounds. This means that you may be interviewed by more than one college and you may receive an offer from a different college than applied to.

At Oxford, candidates for the graduate entry medicine course A and biomedical sciences BC98 also require this test.

At Oxford and Cambridge, many colleges have additional financial support schemes. These are two of the best universities in the world, with an international reputation for academic excellence, so it only makes sense that winning a place to study there will be a comprehensive and competitive process.

My advice for these assessments is to carefully study the mock and any past papers available to you. When it comes to applying to university, experience in an essay competition can be helpful in a number of ways:. If you do not register for an exam you are required to take, your Cambridge application will be invalid. If you have no preference, make an ‘open’ application. The main points to take away would be: Finalise your A level options, bearing in mind that you need to achieve high grades and that Oxbridge prefer the facilitating subjects.


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Will the course allow you to develop an area of knowledge you are desperately keen to pursue? Try to read reflectively, which means considering what you are reading perhaps in comparison to other literature you have read and formulating your own opinion on it.

additional personal statement cambridge saq

For some it will have been good news, but for others there may have been disappointment. Oxford has an excellent tool on their website for finding external scholarships i. What to do when hiccups happen…. Your academic record at GCSE may be considered, in the context of the normal performance of your school for those exams. In all stages of your application, demonstrate how you have met the above criteria.

additional personal statement cambridge saq

Cmabridge this article we will set out a chronological list of the things you need to do for your application in order to put your best foot forward. While academic departments are responsible for core teaching and assessment, a college will be your home when studying. What Will it Cost? Or how to give the perfect Oxbridge practice interview?

Most of my advice for pre-interview assessment stands, but the nature of some of additionzl at-interview tests are a bit different. Essentially, they are like a mini tutorial or supervision, where the tutors will give you a small passage to read or perhaps set a small problem and then ask you to discuss it. Please note that separate registration is required in many cases.

In many ways a Cambridge interview mimics a supervision the small group teaching which is characteristic of Oxbridge ; the people interviewing you may well be the people who will teach you in supervisions. You may be interviewed at a different college to the one you originally applied to, so keep the SAQ to a discussion of your course.

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