You will be notified afterwards through text messages and mails about developments on your application whether it was approved or rejected. Y ou can also be considered for redeployment on medical grounds. Camp orientation course is compulsory unless you want exemption letter. Will there be any punishment for not resuming in bauchi state? Ajayi Damilola 9 March at Some states are presently facing serious security challenges.

Security Basis T he security concerns in our country are well known. I would like to change My PPA due to lack of accommodation and salary. Applying online after camp: Sir, i made a mistake in the husband state of residence while applying for relocation. Not really writing to NYSC. This is how far we can go in this article.

My question is, how do I go about redeployment to Lagos based on this, when do I begin the redeployment process and what are the possible risk involved?

application letter for nysc redeployment

I will really appreciate if my application is favorably considered. Any corper serving there are doing so at their own risk.

application letter for nysc redeployment

To Redeploy, is a process that should be initiated by the corp member. My question, should we Re- register again or how can we know when to report to camp.?

Redeploy or Relocate? NYSC Redeployment Letter Sample

Applicatin a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Thank you in anticipation of your kind consideration and favourable response. There’s really no punishment if you go to Lagos to reapply, but you just have to be sure it will be successful.


So here is how to apply for NYSC redeployment. Anonymous 5 April at It can only b done based on d 3 conditions mention in the post above. Follow Us on Facebook. Go to them and let them know y u haven’t resume since. The prerequisite for redeployment on the basis of marriage is via a change appplication name on national dailies.

How To Apply For Nysc Relocation And Redeployment – Nysc Tales

This is how far we can go in this article. Please there was an error on my husband name and surname dedeployment d relocation page and till now it has not been corrected. Ajayi Damilola 20 January at Ajayi Damilola 8 June at It may affect it depending on the two states.

application letter for nysc redeployment

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Official Sample of NYSC Redeployment Application Letter & How To Write It

Anonymous 26 March at Sample of hand-written application letter on Marital ground. You rrdeployment not need to wait to get your approval for relocation after 3 months as you can get approved for relocation even after 2 weeks of application.


Can i severaly apply 2any state of my choice as long as my NYSC yr hs not xpire? Best State for National Youth Service Keep insisting on the relocation and your unpaid allowance; Its your right. But its always advisable to have it too.

Check out this article and find out how you can apply and print your NYSC redeployment letter online. What is Bet9ja system bet and how does it work?

How To Apply For Nysc Relocation And Redeployment

Ajayi Damilola 20 May at Click on Manage Relocation. Which one do apllication write and are you sure among the two? Ajayi Damilola 4 November at Email The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. Please can a pregnant single lady serve and also request for redeployment to a state close to home or not.

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