There has been much case law determining the requirements that a squatter must prove to make a claim for adverse possession, and in recent years there has been some significant case law dealing with the impact of the Human Rights Act on the law in this area. The Solicitors Qualifying Exam. There has been plenty of case law about Warsaw Convention and Montreal Convention from various courts around the world, particularly from the American courts. In giving this answer it must be borne in mind there is a dearth of case law. This is unsurprising, given that it is in the national interest of western states to protect ship-owners.

While you are required to write an essay on UK law, it may be useful to refer to other jurisdictions for comparison purposes and you will of course need to deal with other European decisions and the Court of Justice of the European Union. Material intensive The GDL is often described as ‘intense’. Still have some questions? The Trade Marks Act governs the grant of trade marks in the UK and contains detailed provisions regarding the registrability of a trade mark. For full-time study, both options take nine months.

However, a safe way of introducing your essay is to introduce the three legal instruments referred to in the question. Legal research Assessments Students are advised to attend a Legal Research training session delivered by a Librarian Students should try to attend workshops for any of the online resources Legal Research Guidance on the use of primary and secondary sources can be found above Suggested practitioner texts arranged by subject area are available here This guidance is from the library, please always refer to any guidance from Faculty staff too Please read briefing sheets for advice on layout and style and consider Microsoft Word training.

bpp gdl independent research essay

Net to receive the LCN Weekly newsletter, diary updates, events, surveys and other emails providing information for future lawyers. The content and structure are entirely a matter for the author. Guidance Notes Introduction The aim of the introductory paragraphs is to set out how the author proposes to answer the issues raised in the question, the areas they intend to discuss and summarise the findings of the research. Guidance Notes Introduction The essay title gives you the opportunity to engage in a critical analysis of a large body of doctrine.


Note that this is in addition to the 4, word limit for the essay itself.

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It should also give some indication of your own view on ersearch the current law on unfair dismissal does enough to permit employers to quickly and fairly dismiss underperforming staff members.

The suggested points above are neither reseatch nor conclusive. Still have some questions? It should not disproportionately detract from your other studies. Such arrangements can often be made without reference to the court. This argument should not simply appear in the last page of your essay, but be clearly constructed over the essay.

Training in Northern Ireland.

However, it could be argued that the Hague- Visby Rules failed to achieve this balance as the rules were drafted to protect the carrier and, consequentially, failed to protect shippers adequately. BPP gives you more control over the way you study with face-to-face, online distance learning, or a resesrch of both available.

Entry requirements Educational background You should hold a degree equivalent to a minimum 2: There is no doubt that the GDL is intensive both in terms of time and knowledge, but all in all I believe it is manageable.

Fortunately, BPP hosts online tutorials for distance students and records consolidation sessions that full-time campus students can enjoy in case they miss out. Face-to-face GDL classes are taught on two set days per week during the core teaching term, at the following centres, Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge and Liverpool.


bpp gdl independent research essay

There should be no argument or explanation to supplement the main body gdo work in indepeendent. Conclusion You should conclude by considering the extent to which this statement is correct and highlight examples that support or weaken your overall conclusion.

Alternatively, if you would like to do a topic outside the areas listed, this may be possible. Nor will it be enough merely to outline opposing perspectives for and against the contentions. They are provided with an introductory lecture on legal research.

You should avoid the simplicity of merely setting out advantages and disadvantages and drawing generalised or arbitrary conclusions. Instead you will be assessed on your methodology of approaching the question and reaching an answer.

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Please note that we ask you to provide a password so that you can access MyLCN and edit your subscriber details, including email preferences. All our students also have a Personal Tutor and access to a Student Advisor, should you need any guidance or additional support outside of class time.

You should also comment on any relevant developments in this area, for example any recent statutory reform. Examples include the breadth of exclusions available to the carrier and the difficulties for the shipper in establishing a breach by the carrier. Log In Sign Up.

BPP will also provide all the key textbooks required. Each module is taught by a one-hour tutorial per week. The answer should critically reflect upon which rules under English and Welsh trusts law are fundamental, which can be slightly altered and to what extent, and which can be completely ignored.

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