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Faculties and Institutions You Are Here: Author ; Kessmann, H. Corresponding author Chemical suppressors of mlo-mediated powdery mildew resistance Bioscience reports 37 6 , BSR [ Academics To Portal Page. Author The pattern of SAR induction within the Arabidopsis thaliana rosette in relation to the pattern of translocation Plant physiology 2 , [ Author ; Ryals, J.

Corresponding author The Chemistry of Alliums Molecules: Contact Name Services zum wiss.

bth rwth dissertation

Author ; Mort, A. Author ; Hengy, G.

bth rwth dissertation

Author Molecular mapping disserttaion the Arabidopsis locus RPP11 which conditions isolate-specific hypersensitive resistance against downy mildew in ecotype RLD Theoretical and applied genetics: Author ; Notermans, S. Author Separate jasmonate-dependent and salicylate-dependent defense-response pathways in Arabidopsis are essential for resistance to distinct microbial pathogens Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America: Author ; Cagan, L.


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Author ; Hoffman, N. Author Nichtwirtresistenz in Pflanzen zur Sicherung der Nahrungsmittelversorgung: Corresponding author Abscisic acid negatively interferes with basal defence of dissertaton against Magnaporthe oryzae BMC plant biology 15 17 [ Author ; Spencer, T.

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Author ; Schlaich, N.

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bth rwth dissertation

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Author ; Jansen, I. Author ; Storer, N. Author An evaluation of methods for assessing the impacts of Bt-maize MON cultivation and pyrethroid insecticide use on Auchenorrhyncha planthoppers and leafhoppers Agricultural dissertatioh forest entomology 10 4[

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