The purpose of this mixed-method study is to examine individual and environmental factors that influenced the development of Indonesian teacher leaders. Awarded to students who demonstrate the pioneering spirit, vision, and dedication of the late Fletcher Jones, the co-founder of Computer Sciences Corporation. Marguerite Brydegaard Trust Fellowship. Maldonado and Mary J. Awarded in memory of education alumna Hsiao Min Wang to a School of Educational Studies student involved in research that promises to strengthen the educational and cultural association of China and the United States. Fellowship assistance is available to students in any field. Sidney Stern Memorial Trust Fellowship.

Advances in technology have led to a world where large-scale data collection is ubiquitous. In sub-Saharan Africa, the crop is also a major source of income for smallholder farmers, especially women. Providing need-based fellowships to high-ability students who are recruited annually to the Drucker School. Annual awards for African-American students pursuing advanced degrees in management. Blair, the fellowship is offered to enhance research and scholarship in the School of of Politics and Economics. Awarded to first-year students pursuing a graduate degree in information science.

Scholarship support for outstanding students in philosophy is provided by the generosity of the late Howard R.

cgu dissertation award

George and Sandra Felkenes Fellowship. Awards are made from a fund established by the late Fred W. This endowed scholarship supports an outstanding woman scholar in history in memory of Howard and Ida Crotty.

A survey will be sent to all IM alumni to date and follow-up interviews will be conducted with at least 40 participants. Please download, complete, and submit the ” Applicant Information and Certification of Eligibility Statement.


cgu dissertation award

cggu John and Irene Nugent Memorial Fund. Wilson’s racist historicism is shown to contain elements from Hegel and Social Darwinism, and his idea of Providence. Mary Pickford Foundation Fellowship. An endowed fellowship awarded annually to a student enrolled in music. This fellowship provides support for a student or students in teacher education with a focus on math and science education.

CGU Dissertation Fellowships – Claremont Graduate University

Aesthetics of the Unseen: Production of the crop is, however, hampered by two main viral diseases, namely: Francisca Toery-Kohler Memorial Fellowship. Maldonado, is awarded to School of Politics and Economics students in American politics or public policy who are pursuing careers in government.

Carolyn and Robert Denham Scholarship. Advances in technology have led to a world where large-scale data collection is ubiquitous. This fund, established by the late Dr.

Please address any questions about the application process to the Faculty Research Committee via the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs. Felix and Helen Juda Endowed Fellowship. Awarded to School of Politics and Economics students who are single parents raising children financially dependent on that student.

The fund was established by family and friends in memory of Luther J. To limit NUPS, persuasive information must affect not only attitudes, but also vested perceptions regarding stimulant use and college success. Maldonado and Mary J. David Millan Memorial Fellowship.


An award made each year to a student in the School of Politics and Economics. These cognitions are hypothesized to affect college students’ resistance to, or cessation of NUPS. Findings are intended to inform practice and policy on ways to nurture the potential of future generations of Indonesian leaders.

In sub-Saharan Africa, the crop is also a major source of income for smallholder farmers, especially women.

Multispectral aerial imagery and new machine learning methods provide an efficient and cost-effective method for developing tools for early detection of these diseases. Vested Interest Theory suggests that the perceived importance and hedonic relevance of an expected behavioral outcome affects attitude-behavior consistency.

Awards are made from a fund established by the foundation.


Experimental Applications of a Survey-Based, Budgeting Game to the Assessment of Stated Preferences for Public Spending While public opinion polling has examined policy issues surrounding federal spending and budget deficits, it has not fully captured the complexity of voters’ preferences regarding public spending. The fund provides loan funds and fellowship aid to dissettation in any field.

Awarded annually to talented students in art.

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