The perspectives he used to understand these three particular areas is the socialization of masculinity in the Caribbean by drawing recent researches on the perspectives through statistical figures and incidents, explanation, facts and phenomena. In Rhonda Reddock Ed. The material dimension which exposes how men or women gain access to or are allocated material and non-material resources within a state system or society; and the ideological dimension, which indicates how Caribbean societies construct and maintain notions of masculinity and feminity. In his own view, Caribbean males are being marginalized in the public domain of the state and the economy. Conclusion This essay has addressed some issues which the question is asking.

His thesis posits the notion that Caribbean males have prior rights to the resources of the state as clients and citizens, which interprets males in the Caribbean, has been marginalized. Not all the authors in their discourse maintained that Caribbean males are marginalized, but they provided us with some insights into the nature of the problem. More importantly, the male has been raised as being tough, brave, and chivalrous and this social symbol leads to proliferations of identities. Despite claims of objectivity from anthropologists in the s, early Caribbean anthropology showed marked ethnocentrism in labeling non-nuclear family structures “incomplete”. The description of Caribbean societies points to lower-strata men’s marginal positions in the family, role reversal in a small but increasing number of households, boys’ declining participation and performance in the educational system, the greater prospect of men inheriting their fathers’ position in the social structure, the decline in the proportions of men in the highest-paying and most prestigious occupations and the decrease in men’s earning power relative to women’s especially in white collar occupations Miller ,

Help Center Find new research papers in: These men would send back money whenever possible to support their families. She concludes that marginalization of the Caribbean male and identity crisis of the male is flawed at the epistemological level. According to the male marginalzation theory, men are peripheral to the family.

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Pro-feminists seek to clarify to the public how patriarchy advantages men, but at the same time holds them in a disadvantaged position in society. The issue of male marginalization is not only affecting the Caribbean, but it is now a global trend. In relation to the agents of socialization such as the family, church, mass media and peer pressure. The goal of raising this specific issue is to expose the myth of male marginalization to thesia that men in the education system do not experience marginalization and that there are other factors influencing the academic performance of boys.


Although the theory of male marginalization, introduced by Miller, is popularly held, it has been suggested that male academic underperformance is rooted in male privileging and gender socialization. She chose to define feminism as such since it did not imply that men were the enemy.

errol miller male marginalization thesis

Sexual behavior, Education and Crime. Feminism Is for Everybody: More specifically, many hold the view that males are academically underperforming compared to women in the education system. However, Caribbean females who are newly emancipated from domestic services have stepped into the teaching profession.

Barriteau in Requiem for the Male Marginalization Thesis in the Caribbean explains this by saying “Male marginalization is fed more by fear of the changes in the gender identities of Caribbean women than by any solid evidence that men are being marginalized in Caribbean society”. Feminist Masculinity by bell hooks, feminist activists realized that the main problems were patriarchy, male domination and sexism and not men hooks She thinks that Caribbean families have long been characterized as matrifocal, as there is no implicit correlation between female headship and actual social and economic power within the family structure or society.

Male Studies in the Caribbean

He thinks that they are, if educational performance is a criterion for masculinity, but they are not if the center of attention is in power. Vincent and the Grenadines”. One of the major issue examined in this essay is the issue of male academic underachievement while exposing the myth that males in the education system are marginalized, as theorized by Miller.

Insights from the development of the teaching profession is based on an empirical analysis of elementary school teachers and college students in Jamaica. Caribbean Males have been socialized by Caribbean families to be known as the benefactor of the household, hence when they tend not to meet the standards set by the family; they result to crime and violence.


Boys are given public freedom to act however they please but girls are taught to be reserved and marginalizatino.

But I think that Caribbean males are marginalizing themselves, the solution to the whole mess should be found in the patriarchal, matrifocal societies in which they are bred. Two major factors influencing the academic performance of males are socialization and male privilege.

Within Caribbean academia, traditional patterns of study exist.

errol miller male marginalization thesis

Yhesis article has multiple issues. More importantly, the male has been raised as being tough, brave, and chivalrous and this social symbol leads to proliferations of identities.

errol miller male marginalization thesis

According to Lindsay, Male privilege has allowed society to place less emphasis on the importance of academic mqrginalization for boys as compared to the pressure they express for girls to perform well in school. This explains why males in the education system cannot be considered marginalized since they still hold the power in society.

Log In Sign Up. This page was last edited on 15 Septemberat Caribbean males ertol often seen themselves has stereotyped by the society, but if their identity as a male is been in a sense reconstructedby default they should try to stand tall in face of any gender biasedgender inequalities.

More importantly, Caribbean males tend to be separated from the girls in some high schools in relation to the book which is prescribed for them to read. Miller was the first and only Caribbean scholar to theorize the idea of men at risk and the marginalization of the black Caribbean male.

Being a multifocal society, the problem of male marginalization in the Caribbean has been an issue which is researched on by writers in various fields in academia, the literature on the topic suggests that Caribbean males are marginalized by Caribbean females and some writers think Caribbean males marginalize themselves, this is because analysis of the issue and social statistics and figures are not ample evidence in the marginalization discourse.

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