If you go home with somebody and they don’t have books, don’t fuck them. Sapporo wa Ryuukyuu shotou yori totemo ookiikute hito ga takusan hitotachi ga iru tokoro desu ne. We are so honored to have many distinguished guests today, including. Roku satsu kanme kara, tsumaranakatta narimasu. After eating, the person who gave me food prayed to the gods everyday.

During my stay, I made my English skill better than before. It will snow tomorrow according to a weather report. We are… Read more…. Here in Langrich, we are not only teacher and student but the partners to study together. Roku satsu kanme rokkagetsukanme kara, tsumarana ku katta narima shita su.

graduation speech nihongo

Roku satsu kanme kara, tsumaranakatta narimasu. This is my speech script for graduation party at ESL school. Otoko ga ookikute nagai hige ga motta shoshite onna no kao de “tattoo” ga atta. All we have to do is doing what gravuation think is right.

Graduation Speech | Lang For learning foreign languages

Who is online Users browsing this forum: Langrich gave me a good opportunity to learn with foreign people who have different kinds of background.

I want a will to continue to write sentences in English every day. Watashi no namae wa Condraz23 desu. Fortunately, central banking was a really fascinating and rewarding job. As many of us are not Japanese national, we all came from far to MinamiUonuma. niohngo


After six months, I became bored. I wanted to become good at Japanese so I lived in Japan for about one year. Nihon ni ichinenkanme sunde kara, watashi no nihongo ga taihen ii naratta to omoimasu. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Thank you for this great honor. Stay updated via RSS.

Graduation Speech

Today I have been entrusted with the enormous task of representing the GSIR class of and extending a vote of thanks to everyone that has contributed towards this moment as well as deliver the valediction. Ryuukyuu shotou ni wa tsuite nagaratakusan noujou ya ojiisan to obaasan ga takusan mieta kedonanari amari omoshiroi shiete iru koto wa arimasen deshita.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: If you want to become good at Japanese like me, you must quickly go to Japan. You might even feel as if you were worthless and covered with despair forever. Email required Address never made public. There must be big failure or mistakes. Shirakawa will kindly give a commencement speech in this ceremony.


Seeing as I am the only one, the PhD class reunion of might be a very lonely graduationn. Sometimes we need to take such bitter medicines. After living in Japan for one year, I think my Japanese has become very good. The men had big, long beards and the women’s faces had tattoos.

graduation speech nihongo

They are determined to finish our lessons about Nihongo even we are in a corridor. During my stay, I made my English skill better than before. I would also like to…. I wanted to do something a bit different so I traveled to the Ryukyu Islands. Standing at this podium, I wonder how I felt 46 years ago at my commencement.

Speeches in Japanese

I would also like to… Read more…. Whatever words are not enough to express how appreciated I am. Thinking back to how it all began, I hope that we can graduatiob with good memories and new hope for our individual futures.

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