The area was first known to be settled by farmers in the 11th century and by the 18th century, the village had 4 arable farms, a shepherd and 6 horsefarms. However, the area is threatened by storm tides, particularly in fall and winter, which may cause floods that damage the unique ecosystem. Braunschweig is a district in Lower Saxony, Germany, with a population of around , inhabitants. Short term responses included search and rescue efforts in the local communities, while internationally, people sent donations to help those in need. The tsunami was the direct consequence of a 9.

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Iceland is located along the Mid-Atlantic ridge, a divergent boundary where heat from the core of the Earth rises to the surface. For this reason, Germany has adopted several measures that attempt to encourage families to have more children: Borneo has experienced the fastest tropical rainforest clearance in the world.

Michaela November 15, at 8: Woodly School in North Yorkshire which shut in due to a lack of students.

Also, the dam has created many jobs. The Marine Park Authority gives out permits for fishing, diving and more and has boats patrol the area to prevent illegal activity. River traffic was blocked for several weeks and cxse railway lines were closed due to flood damage and landslides.


igcse geography urban sprawl case study

It grows in clear water that is free of sediment so sunlight can pass through. Thank you so much for all your efforts, they have helped me so much with my revision. Furthermore, the large masses of silt transported by the Yangtse deposit behind the dam, which reduces the storage capacity of the reservoir.

Cold water is pumped down to the igneous rock layers, where it is heated by contact with the hot rocks. Also, there are not enough economically active people, causing a lack of workforce and making it harder to defend the country. Besides, migration was common as people jgcse away to stay with their families.

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August 14, at 2: Specifically, Borneo has been developing economically through the growth of the coal mining industry, which provides employment opportunities, as well as the export of timber for furniture and paper production. Specifically, the growing timber market meant that more trees had to be felled to provide sufficient raw material for the industry.

Animals sorawl also scared away by traffic. Global warming is a substantial threat to the Maldives, as an increase in temperatures leads geogtaphy the melting of icebergs, causing sea level rise that may submerge the island group.

Name either an area of tropical rain forest or tropical desert which you have studied and explain why and how it is at risk from human activities.

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Katrina intensified before making landfall in Florida and was a Hurricane 3 upon reaching the Mississippi Delta. Vehicle emissions, industrial discharge and burning of fossil fuels have resulted in air pollutionwhile the ground water has been polluted due to arsenic.


The storm drifted towards Hrban and intensified as it passed over the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Pakistans Iron and Steel Industry. Human activities cause both benefits and problems for people and the natural environment. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. There is a very heavy reliance on machinery for ploughing, planting, spraying the crop and harvesting.

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igcse geography urban sprawl case study

Economic development Human activities cause both benefits and problems for people and the natural sprxwl. Author archive Author website. April 6, at 6: Also, the Maldives plan to be a carbon neutral country by Government-funded pensions may have to shrink to cover everybody, leaving many people with less to spend and some in poverty.

Subsistence farming is common in the lowlands northwest of Maseru, where the terrain is flat and thus suited for the cultivation of crops. Fakiha August 18, at

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