Every family became a little society, themore united because libertyand reciprocal attachmentwere the only bonds of its union” DOI, Throughout his writingswe find evidence of a recurrentobsession with monsters. Nature is change, as a famous passage from the Supplement makes clear: Princeton University Press, , Thus Rousseau adopts a curiously ambivalent attitude toward his own Golden Age. As such, his faithoccasionally wobbles, and he sometimes indicates thathe does not actually accept such a rigid distinction between nature and culture, or nature and history,or nature and society. Donald Cress Indianapolis, IN:

In the concluding remarks,A asks B, “So, in your view, jealousy does not exist in nature? Laurence Cooper also holds natural good ness to be a central Rousseauian principle but argues that it is not a moral concept at all but instead signifies “harmonious order. Orou clearly lacks a tragic sensi bility,naively presuming thatTahiti simply obeys thevoice of nature and thus guarantees ease and contentment to its citizens. Throughout this section, I contrastRousseau’s mobilization of the opposition with Diderot’s occasional appeals to a simi lar opposition. Tahiti does not represent a middle period between nature and modern civilization, because he cannot accept the concept of a state of nature at the beginning of, or preceding, historical change itself. In order to maximize the island’s procreative energies, a clever economic system has been constructed. Moreover, this critique operates through a contrast with the simple felicity of Tahiti, repeatedly identified with nature itself.

If Europe is to be condemned for producing envy, jealousy, shame, deceit, and lawbreaking, thenTahiti must be condemned for the same vices.

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However, many questions remain. Even this formal similarity, I argue, cannot withstand scrutiny. Must we destroy societies, annihilate thine and mine, and return to live in bugainville forests with bears?


introduction dissertation supplément au voyage de bougainville

Just as Europe dogmatically enforces its proscription against extramarital sex, so Tahiti dogmatically enforces its proscription against non-procreative sex. As a committed materialist, if Doctor Bordeu recognizes thepossibility of a diverse array of physical organizations appearing innature, thenhe must also recognize a similar array ofmoral pos sibilities.

Eroticism and Enlightenment inEighteenth-Century France, ed.

Because humans are naturally asocial, these vices born of comparison cannot be attrib uted to nature itself? Keenan, “Generating a Virtuous Circle,” According toOrou, Europe is a society of distrust, secrecy, and deceit.

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Tahiti, on theOld Man’s account a paradise where all needs This content downloaded from Marcel Henaff suggests thatDiderot had become a champion of Rousseauian primitivism: Walter Rex goes even further,arguing thatDiderot inadvertently turnsTahiti into a brutal police state. As Keenan concludes, moralism is “deeply antipolitical. In this “happiest of epochs,” man has come together in communities and acquired the tender affections of fellow-feeling, without yet succumbing to themost violent social passions.

What a monstrous web of delirium you describe, and yet you’ve not told me everything. The more children a family has, thegreater a portion of the annual harvest they receive, thusproducing a material incentive to keep pro creating: Instead, the Supplement offers an implicit critique of the politics of moralism.

introduction dissertation supplément au voyage de bougainville

De l’Espinasse of thediversity of forms in nature. Thus he proclaims, “One is born fortunateor unfortunate,and each dissetration us is imperceptiblycarried along by the general currentwhich leads one to glory and another to ignominy.

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Lydia Lange University Park: Has God not told everything to our eyes, to our conscience, to our judg ment? What could be more absurd than a fidelity restricting the most capricious of our pleasures to a single individual; than a vow of immutability taken by two beings formed of flesh and blood, under a sky that doesn’t remain fixed for an instant, beneath caverns poised on the edge of collapse, under a introducttion crum into dust, at the foot of a tree shedding its bark, beneath a quivering bling stone?


introduction dissertation supplément au voyage de bougainville

He asks rhetorically, “Now I would verymuch like someone to explain tome what kind of misery can there be for a free being whose heart is at peace and whose body is in good health? Voyagf version of nature is a kind of transientbecoming, a state of permanent flux. Perhaps Tahiti’s moralism reflects Diderot’s own moralism. See David Bates, Enlightenment Aberrations: For Orou, the violation lies in the imposition of a groundless law of sexual monogamy, whereas forRousseau, the violation begins with the earliest stirringsof amour-propre and achieves its highest expression in the sweeping inequalities and dependencies of modern civi lization.

In theDialogues, however, Rousseau clearly acknowledges the potential difficulties of discerning these prompt ings by imagining an ideal world? How, then,can we main tain the notion thatRousseau valorized nature over and against culture?

As Orou explains, a complex system of veiling operates toprevent sexual activitywith women who cannot conceive children: See Goodman, Criticism inAction, Zone Books, What, then, are we tomake of ddissertation overall lesson of the Supplement?

Voltaire Foundation, Donald Cress Indianapolis, IN:

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