Because you never loved me! We’ll start by telling Gravedigger Shen what an utter moron he is. Zither of Discord Bonus You need merely to escort me to his station by the gate. She has a most interesting tale to share. It doesn’t seem like Captain Sen really gives a crap about protecting the public, but I guess that’s just how the Imperial Army rolls these days. Before leaving, check out Spear Catches Leaf’s wares; if you haven’t purchased Storm Dragon yet, get it now.

Help the foxes beat off the demons and continue on your way. There you’ll see a giant man kill some ghosts and then, assuming you’re one as well, try to kill you. If you want some XP from killing more demons, choose to walk back down. Or maybe not just yet. Took up his body and left!

Thinking about that line, it doesn’t really make that much sense in blafed particular situation. Since your mother passed away, you were all I had. He has a Magic attack typically Ice Shard and the regular cannibals are slow enough that you can keep them at bay with Area Attacks and focus on their master.

Go to the pedestal at the entrance of the temple and click it to place the crystal. At least not in the way it was originally intended, before it became Literally Kicks Puppies seriously, that’s a thing you can do at full Closed Fist.


The Zither of Discord

How could I have neglected you like that? Well, there was the whole thing with Tanner Fong, but that was just everyone being an idiot and blaxed being able to tell the old man wasn’t a ghost! If Blackie or Hou are currently traveling with you, the other shows up. Guess we’ll make our way back to the Black Leopard School and go hear that tale of hers, then. Boaded took it all: Don’t play with the tiger.

Take good care of it, Six Heavens! You’ll pass two more groups of fox spirits battling demons. If that happens, our meeting will end with one of our deaths. What is this Aishi accused of?

jade empire bladed thesis test

That’s Gravedigger Shen’s quests done as well, so let’s see what our next destination is. I have waited more than two decades. Harmony surrounds you and flows out into the world as you pass. Ignore all the beasties and attack the natural rock pillars around the room. Here, both of the other dialog choices are just “welp, I’ll just kill you anyway! Taunting a foe, playing with them, teaches them nothing. The better path is northwest, which eventually leads to the Forest Shadow Temple.

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Also, we already killed one guard captain trst in the Imperial City in self-defense but stillso what’s another one at this point? What type of test is this?


jade empire bladed thesis test

Tell me which of them deserved to die, and why. So, let’s return to Kang actually I don’t know if you could just head to the furnace by clicking on Kang in the party member screen, I need to test that at some point and take care of that stuff. Enter Heaven for extra fun dialog, take Black Whirlwind with you. That was easier emlire expected, with just half a dozen mummies to beat up on the way.

Dawn Star decides to chime empirs by stating the obvious, as she fairly often does. That’s a risk I’m willing to take. It fills in as you explore the area, and as you can see we’ve explored the southern half of the Necropolis pretty thoroughly.

They also drop powerups very frequently for some reason. Of course, since the tjesis of the game is what it is and you spend most of a Closed Fist run as a sociopathic dickbag, the quest just comes off as this strange blwded. Bladed Thesis would be disappointed. Let’s get our reward for that, as well.

You’ll soon come to a bridge and see a man being attacked by ghosts.

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