IBM sloughed o labor fat to the tune of sixty thousand workers in to the general applause of market analysts, and it secured private advantages in the international computer market whose public costs will not be seen for several years and whose consequences will in any case not be directly borne by IBM. And for a remarkably multicultural nation, how is it that the American image is so monocultural, its inhabitants so averse to the study of foreign languages? What I did enjoy was that the majority of the book was solid and packed with inquisitions into where we are headed in terms of globalization and democracy. After a second read, I came to appreciate it even more. The terrorists o er no terms and can be given none in exchange. So I think all the remaining oil reserves in the US should be saved only for national security disaster in the scale of WWIII and should not be tapped before then just to depress oil prices for an American consumer addicted to oil. Because of the profits he thought he could achieve by shocking you.

Terrorism is the negative and depraved form of that interdependence, which in its positive and beneficial form we too often refuse to acknowledge. I only wish I had read it sooner. Within the right informational nexus, even H2O can be sold for pro t, as it is with so-called designer waters like Perrier. We have learned well enough how easily the German forests can be devastated by Swiss and Italians driving gas-guzzling roadsters fueled by leaded gas the Europeans are far behind the Americans in controlling lead. Mineral and Energy Resources: There may be radical trade de cits among trading partners but only a handful of nations are even part of the calculation.

Yet McWorld and Jihad do not really force a choice between such polarized scenarios.

jihad vs mcworld thesis statement

Barber writes democracy can be spread and secured through the world satisfying the needs of both the McWorld and Jihad. Opposition to free-market fundamentalism was almost exclusively the work of unions, left-wing professors, socialist parties and the like.

jihad vs mcworld thesis statement

Like McWorld, Jihad can of course be painted in bright as well as dark colors. He further posits that McWorld could ultimately win the “struggle”.

Quotes from Jihad vs. These engaged citizens do not act as special interest groups that are narrowly defined by their individual causes but rather in civic institutions that benefit the public as a whole.


However, his writing was very repetitive and a little sloppy. What he fails jihzd realize in my view is that a capitalist system provides an environment in which liberal democracy can thrive once a majority of people of that country have a vibrant middle class.

Jihad vs. McWorld

Excluding oil and mining concerns, there is not a single African, South American, Middle Eastern, or Indian company among the top ve hundred corporations, and the story is not much better with respect to patterns of consumption since the primary producers turn out to be the primary consumers as well. This unprecedented strategic hegemony rested almost entirely on the American industrial economy as it emerged from World War II—an economy that was driven by the largest and most productive manufacturing and banking companies in the world.

But the protesters are the children of McWorld, and their objections are not Jihadic but merely democratic. A just, diverse, democratic world will put commerce and consumerism back in their place and starement space for civil society religion; it will combat the terrors of Jihad not only by making war statemebt it but by creating a world in which the practice of religion is as secure as the practice of consumption and the defense of cultural values is not in tension with the defense of statekent but part of how liberty is de ned the true meaning of multiculturalism.

The only non-European, nonPaci c Rim countries among the top twenty- ve U. In its mildest form, it betokens religious struggle on behalf of faith, a kind of Islamic zeal. Military and political factors seemed primary, but underlying them Military and political factors seemed primary, but underlying them was demonstrated economic power. Resources are also an imperative aspect in the McWorld, where autarky seems insufficient and inefficient in presence of globalization. Instead, ‘Jihad’ for Barber is more concerned with tribalistic, exclusivist, nationalistic identities that emerge as a reaction to an all-encompassing, soulless and faceless imperialist economic-system that destroys culture worldwide in order to create homogeneity for saleability; a world to be dominated by hedonistic consumerism driven by markets that is fundamentally incompatible with engaged, democratic citizenry.

Jihad vs. McWorld – Wikipedia

It’s yet another illustration of how being negative often passes for being critical, especially in academia. Country Ranking as Supplier U.

As manufacturing is internationalized, and traditional industrial powers cede dominion to new markets with cheaper labor, the industrial sector is itself being transformed. They make a di erence: Creating the world in its own image also lets Coke rede ne political and social reality.


Analysis of Jihad vs. McWorld Article Written by Benjamin Barber – Book Report/Review Example

From the discovery of oil in western Pennsylvania just before the Civil War—a discovery that would make John D. The fundamentalists that support what he terms Jihad look backward a pretend golden age that would strip away the rights and openness that are associated with modern democratic government.

jihad vs mcworld thesis statement

Barber’s best point is that the unrestrained capitalism of neoliberal globalization has wrought havoc on the lives and values of many people, especially in the Third World, and that structures of control similar to those existing at the national level must be extended to the global level if globalization is to live up to its promise of more peace and prosperity.

Each eschews civil society and belittles democratic citizenship, neither seeks alternative democratic institutions. Really enjoyed Part I of the book, especially the detailed outlines of who owned what and where. Terrorism’s Challenge to Democracy. Teleliterature and the Theme Parking of McWorld 9. I think the Iraq and Egypt experiments jiad democracy will highly telling on how to proceed forward especially on the issue of can the Muslim Brotherhood thrive inside a democratic Egypt in which they have a stake but not a majority stake in government?

Was America ever really a safe haven in the tainted streams of world history? And although self-determination is one of the most fundamental of democratic principles, unchecked jjihad has lead to a tribalism think Bosnia, think Rwanda in which virtually no one besides the local power elite gets a fair shake.

When the Hilton came to the Hills of Buda, a local architect grafted the new structure onto mcwoeld thirteenth-century monastery. McWorld is an astonishing and insightful book–the best non-fiction I have read all year. As we understand it today, liberal democracy and Islamic fundamentalism cannot coexist because fundamentalism necessitate complete submission to God’s tenets so it goes against anything modern.

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