Nor will there be sufficient national wealth to redistribute to health, education, housing, family payments or pensions — necessary for the most basic forms of social justice and the maintenance of social stability. But it has some significant implications that are not much discussed in his account. But when did you last hear conservatives talking about a fair go, about solidarity, about community, about nation building or about sustainability. The idea that democracies just speak once at an election time and then remain silent for another years seems increasingly arcane. I argue it must be about identity, about who we are as a people, and how we conceive of ourselves as a nation.

This was written in the immediate aftermath of the Christchurch terror attack where 50 innocent people at the time of writing were gunned down by a lone gunman. Rightly he recognizes that this is not just another episode in the history of market cycles but a more fundamental dislocation This should begin with a confident definition of our national and cultural identity. We see the intrinsic dignity of labour, of families and communities; the principles of social justice; and the imperatives of the planet as demanding a public policy response, not just as an occasional act of private, discretionary charity. He also sees the government as being the agent to reverse the current financial woes. Apart from France, and possibly China, no other countries are rising to this urgent international challenge.

But with the best will in the world, we cannot turn the clock back to when Britain joined the EEC and told Australia to go carve out its economic future elsewhere.

He has little confidence in the economics profession being able to help: Rightly he recognizes that this is not just another episode in the krvin of market cycles but a more fundamental dislocation He agrees with Rudd that the neo-liberal chapter esssy world history has come to a close. Indeed, when all is stripped away, the two abiding differences between the conservative and progressive political projects continue to be our concern for fairness and the future.


The same logic applies to the definition of our national values. Put bluntly, if the nation itself fails, then all discussion of what sort of nation we wish to become is rendered redundant. This represents a major assault on equality of opportunity for hfc future. We must work as genuine global activists on climate change and do so in all global fora of which we are members.

Finally, Australia as a G20 member country, will also have a responsibility in the years ahead to work intimately with other G20 states like France, Germany, the UK and Japan to defend the liberal rules-based international order against the threat of US dismemberment during the period of the Trump presidency, and possibly beyond. Bovine excrement Prime Minister Morrison seems eudd be certain that the next federal election will be in May. The radical rewriting of the global geo-economic distribution of power represents another factor.

Our opponents throw both to the wind — to whatever markets or circumstances might throw up. Whereas the centre-left is expected to cover the total spectrum, otherwise they fail. The Europeans once thought this was not their problem.

kevin rudd gfc essay

They are not only Labor values. We should be loud and proud and declare open warfare on Murdoch and all that he stands for through all the alternative media at our collective disposal.

kevin rudd gfc essay

After watching the first Question Time of the most recent sitting of the House of Representatives, the kevun plausible answer to that question is a resounding NO. Our political and policy challenge, by definition, will always be more difficult than for the conservatives. Topics Economic policy Opinion. Indeed, the GFC came about under a conservative American administration where the underlying ideological orthodoxy was that financial.

And on both of these, as progressives ours offers once again a wider canvass than the conservatives. The conservative media agenda is clear — destroy Labor at all costs because they are a threat to conservative interests. The alternative is simply to consign ourselves to being tossed about on the wild winds and currents of international change, uncertain of our course, and potentially to our national peril.


The Complacent Country | Kevin Rudd

They force us, whether we like it or not, to look into the future. Finally, any credible national vision, unless it is to disappear into clouds of pious hope, also demands of us the formulation of a national policy strategy to secure our survival, our prosperity, our sustainability and to give effect to our responsibilities in the world.

The tragic toll of hatred Stan Grant is an outstanding journalist. Old verities are fading fast and newer ones harder to find, as we now contemplate the relativisation of everything.


It is neither a matter of social fashion or political opinion. Prime Minister Morrison seems to be certain that the next federal election will be in Kvin. All these measures are designed to make Australia a fairer society than the one it has become. We therefore have no alternative but to contribute to global leadership on climate. The next time you view the page, your rating will be incorporated.

Think the Commonwealth can save Brexit Britain? That’s utter delusion

Precisely how much bigger will be a matter for detailed research on what we will esway for our future national capacity, although a figure of 50 million should be within our reach for the second half of the century.

Notwithstanding the complexity of our national origins, our modern Australian identity should also own with pride our Anglo-Celtic traditions, not in some tradition of vicarious triumphalism as part of a once great British Empire, but as the inheritors of the common law, rud of legal constraints against the arbitrary exercise of absolute power and an independent legal system to give effect to the principle of equality before the law.

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