Individual personal information must be removed from the thesis before publication, including signatures, email addresses, and phone numbers. The two main types of bibliographic software are EndNote and RefWorks. On the first page of the main body, page numbers must restart with 1. The title page of the thesis must be followed by the thesis abstract. Appendices will count toward the maximum word limit as specified above. May 22,

Thesis Formatting Support Services Need help with formatting your thesis? Submitting Your Thesis Workshop We highly recommend a related workshop: There are three key rules that you should follow: Search this Guide Search. The Library’s Theses Office assists with formatting theses, projects and extended essays for submission to the Library.

lccm thesis format

It is your responsibility to ensure that the use of published work within the thesis complies with any applicable copyright restrictions. The inclusion within the thesis of work that has been accepted for publication must not be taken as a guarantee that the thesis will meet the requirements for the award of a research degree. The thesis appendices — or the main body of the thesis if there are no appendices — must be followed by a complete and accurate bibliography.

lccm thesis format

Handouts and resources used in our Thesis Formatting Workshops are listed below. Explanatory notes and references must be numbered and presented fromat footnotes at the bottom of the relevant page. Need help with formatting your thesis? The Research Commons provides a thesis template and how-to guides, plus in-person help during our workshops or one-on-one consultations.


Supporting documentation must be in English. These documents are annotated versions of the UBC thesis template to show you how to use the template in context.

UBC Research Commons: Thesis Formatting

Personal tools Web Editor Log in. How are we doing? Theses must be formatted for US Letter 8. For an example of an extended essays title page, see the Title page formatting information.

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Search this Guide Search. Legal, A4, or other paper sizes are not permitted. We’d love to get your feedback!

Appendices will count toward the maximum word limit as specified above. Except for research students thfsis the Department of Geography registered for the degree of PhD or MPhil and whose thesis is based on social science research, where the length of the thesis must not exceed the limits specified for the College of Social Science.

The thesis abstract must be followed in this order by:. If you need general advice on how to ensure your thesis is appropriately referenced, take a look at the Referencing and Bibliographies Study Guide.

Formatting Your Thesis and Word Limits — University of Leicester

There are then rules for how the contents of the thesis must be ordered. Complete specimens of published work that are submitted in support of the thesis must: Preliminary pages of the thesis must be numbered with Roman numerals. You will need to reference your thesis fully and accurately both to acknowledge your debts to others and to allow your readers to distinguish your ideas ofrmat those of others that you have drawn on.


If including published papers in a thesis, please consult the Copyright and your thesis FAQ. Consult your supervisor or your department’s graduate handbook for more information. The thesis template is preset with this numbering style.

The title page of the thesis must be followed by the thesis abstract. The University Library offer advice on accessing and using bibliographic software. Research degree theses may include: Review these documents early in the writing process and use them to check your work before you submit your thesis to the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies. You may use other fonts with the approval of thessis committee.

SFU Library does not require a specific citation style. The University has a maximum word limit for research degree theses and you must ensure that your thesis does not exceed the relevant limit. In the College of Science and Engineering, the length of llccm thesis — including footnotes, but excluding the table of contents, tabulated data, diagrams, any appendices, and the bibliography — must not exceed the following limits:.

Page numbers should appear at the bottom centre of each page, at a minimum of 0.

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