The main problem, it seems, is the 2 year tuition fee. Based on how your career shapes up, and your interests you will be able to answer the question of whether you need an MBA and from where. While the quality of teaching, faculty etc would be top notch in most good programs, the biggest differentiator is the type of opportunities that the region provides. In a bid to cover everything, the ideas should not look disconnected. Your email address will not be published. Also, do your research well and write a very personalized statement, about why exactly are you choosing NUS nothing generic please. Of the courses those marked by E are elective ones and the rest are required ones.

Each trimester is divided into two minis. In fact, our alumni have been a tremendous asset to the job placement of our new graduates. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Some other pointers to remember while writing your Statement of Purpose: Gracia Now Live on the Test Server. I used to be an engineering student at a Shanghai university of Project

Judging by fewkb’s figures above, it looks like the NUS program is popular and growing. In not more than words you are required to state the reasons that motivate you to join the MiM program offered by NUS.

Discussion about Singapore MFE programs.

It’s taught by good teachers, and is a useful learning platform geared mainly to get you the CFA up to level 2. November 8, at 3: It esszy purely personal and may not apply to everyone. What jobs have they taken up in the finance industry?


I’m keen on a fulltime course as I want to focus on studying and doing well for the course. Traffic is also great.

Discussion about Singapore MFE programs. | QuantNet Community

SGD payable once on admission will jus credited towards the payment of tuition for the first semester. Is this normal, or is there some mistake?

Do you want to go into the buy-side or sell-side? Is that yearly, monthly, weekly or daily? It seems quite a long distance, but we have shuttle buses three loop lines altogetherrunning every 5 minutes.

nus mfe essay

MFE is a niche area which involves the quantitative nature of finance like product structuring and bus trading perhaps require a Phd.

Maybe add something of what you will learn from the school’s unique teaching style. A lot of pple I know doesnt have a clue, thinking a postgrad nfe whatever will give them better prospects in career movements. The reason for wanting a career switch is simple. Please refer to our Terms of Service for more information.

Discussion about Singapore MFE programs.

nus mfe essay

Through the years, our MFE alumni have grown in strength, and are now employed in all the major local and international banks and other financial institutions in Singapore, performing quantitative tasks in areas like algorithmic trading, product structuring, valuation, quantitative portfolio management and fssay risk management.

As a part of the application processyou are required to provide a letter of motivation.

(Almost) Everything you need to know about the MFE programme.

Hello sir, I am Aditya Surana. Life at NTU learning, recreation and traffic You have nine libraries at your disposal.


As a cross-disciplinary program, it is often jointly taught by teachers from the schools of business, mathematics and computer science. Congrats on getting an international career opportunity straight out of college. Gracia Now Live on the Test Server. Singapore mge a commercial hub that offers many job options in various industries. So much for today, I may update this from time to time. Foreign applicants are required to have employment pass or dependent pass to be eligible for the part-time on-campus program.

nus mfe essay

It would be a good idea to follow a chronological order here. There will be some math questions esswy the interview for which you may prepare. Especially for graduate without working experience before. How many international students get jobs in Singapore after graduation? It is the largest university in the country in terms of student enrollment and curriculum offered.

NUS MiM Essays: Get tips to perfect your NUS MiM Essays

My opinion is that the MFE is where the money is, especially if you sesay finance experience but have the quant abilities. Relevant work experience will be an advantage We welcome applications from candidates with several years of work experience.

But with due attention and scrutiny, you can manage it.

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