Create collateral promoting new product launch. Until everyone started doing it and it became commoditized. Asked a bunch of “gotcha questions”. Opower is now known as Oracle. A poster size up to you , a mock-up up of a T-shirt design, and 2 web ads x px and x 90px. Application I applied through an employee referral. As a matter of fact all the questions were easy and not a challenge to answer.

Implementation Engineer Interview Anonymous Employee. Interview I had a phone interview with a recruiter. For this exercise, I wanted to focus on two major qualities of Opower and its new platform: I have actually applied to Opower twice and each time they have bungled the process. We’re sorry but your feedback didn’t make it to the team. Connect with our community. Creative Fields Branding , Graphic Design ,.

Opower is now known as Oracle. Our conversation end there. Then two weeks later we setup a in person interview with the IT o;ower, which took half a day.

Opower Interview Homework on Behance

Technical skills tested are Programming hojework logic challenge, SQL – table schema and queries ibterview joins, Unix – command line accessing of files can use the internet. They were focused on my work experience and how that would fit with the position available.

You should know the website and blog inside and out, and you should be prepared to talk about Opower’s business model and changes you would want to make.


In both cases the interviewer told me I was a good candidate and would hear from them on next steps to interview with others.

opower interview homework

On both occasions they were late for the call, asked amateurish questions then cut me off early to move on to the next caller. Interview I had a phone interview with a recruiter. I interviewed at Opower in May These assignments were completed after an inital phone interview with the company.

Oopwer seemed to be testing whether I knew much about the company or the industry, and whether I had knowledge about energy efficiency. I applied through a recruiter.

Application I applied through a recruiter. I told them they could just look at my github if this is the kind of questions they planned on asking. The process took 4 weeks. Initial email from HR person a few days after applying and followed with a phone screen within a few interivew.

opower interview homework

These items should feel like a cohesive set of materials. Opower Now known as Oracle.

It’s clear that they are a rapidly scaling organization and the HR staff is doing its best to keep up. A power cord is energy. The instructions indicated that we were not to spend more than two hours on its entirety. I wasn’t impressed and wouldn’t have taken the job if they had actually gotten their act together to move it forward.


On-site interview with other Implementation Engineers, manager, etc. Join the Opower team. Interview Opower recruiter contacted me about their open position. For up to date information and jobs, please see the Oracle profile.

Opower Interview Homework

Interview 3 Part process. Round three is a marathon of half-hour interviews with hpmework team members, consisting of informal discussions, skills assessments, and complimentary lunch. Met with 8 people, each interview last 30 minutes and they are very rigid about time. Round two is a homework assignment, individually designed for each position. Connect with our community. Overall impression of the company was great and though the onsite interview was opoaer and a bit rigorous, it was surprisingly pleasant.

Interview First, the HR asked some general questions about my background and how I understand about what they are doing. See Our Latest Jobs.

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