Papers] Free Thiosulphate words 2. I also made sure that the measuring cylinder was on a level surface so that I could clearly see how much liquid I was putting in to it. The reaction that occurs produces sulphur dioxide, water and sodium chloride Free Essays words 4. The size of the error bars is quite small so I think I can say that my data is quite accurate except for the 2M result which is quite a long error bar. I also made sure that any clothing or long jewellery was clear and out of our way as clothing can also get caught. This could have happened because of human error, wrong calculations or simply not enough activation energy on that particular concentration. The results for 1, 2 and 4M keep showing outliers.

This is because there will be more acid molecules in the same amount of solution, therefore more effective collisions with the sodium thiosulphate, and the rate will be higher. The equation to this is as follows: The state symbol for sulphur dioxide is aq not g because it is dissolved in water as its original state would be too toxic and corrosive for me to use safely. My conclusion is valid because it includes evidence that my data is accurate and I have summed up my experiment in it. Reactions that happen quickly have a high rate of reaction.

rate of reaction coursework sodium thiosulphate and hydrochloric acid

The independent variables in our experiment are the concentration of hydrochloric acid. The results for 1, 2 and 4M keep showing outliers. My data was precise because most of the points on my graphs are close to the line and are all close by each other.


This can be done by: Use of rate of reaction in industry The chemical industry makes medicine and many other substances such as; Limestone – this is used for building Sulphuric acid — used to make other substances Ammonia – used to make fertilisers.


I decided that it would be best for me to use a bold marker pen to make the mark more visible under the conical flask. Oops, we could not find the requested page. Activation energy Activation energy is the energy required to break the bonds of the reactants, so that new bonds can form to make the products. The timer was stopped when in see the black cross through the cloudy solution could no longer.

rate of reaction coursework sodium thiosulphate and hydrochloric acid

We must produce a piece of coursework investigating the rates of reaction, and the effect different changes have on them. This is because when there are more molecules in the solution, there are more molecules to collide so this will speed up the reaction, and therefore it is more likely they will collide with each other. This is supportive of my conclusion. Rate of Reaction and Specific Rate Constant. The dependent variable was the rate of reaction.

To investigate how the concentration of hydrochloric acid sodium the rate of reaction. I believe that when the most concentrated solution is used the reaction would be coursework coursework fastest. The points in the top right are quite far down so this snd a negative correlation. I will discuss these further in my evaluation. My conclusion is justifiable because I have backed it up with points from my data and I have proved all the points that I made.

Free Essays words 3. Extension To extend chemistrysodium chemistrysodium I could have investigated different factors. Papers] Free Essays words 5.


The higher the temperature of the sodium thiosulphate the faster the Essay – The higher the temperature coursework the sodium thiosulphate the faster creative writing online courses australia reaction of the two liquids. The reaction between sodium thiosulphate and HCL. Building Book Love For example. Research Papers words 4.

Rate of Reaction – Sodium Thiosulphate and Hydrochloric Acid

This can help me identify any faults. Free Essays words 4.

rate of reaction coursework sodium thiosulphate and hydrochloric acid

The reaction will sodium and eventually the solutionwill coursewofk completely opaque Free Essays words 5. I also made sure that any clothing or long jewellery was clear and out of our way as clothing can also get caught.

I tied my hair back, tucked in my tie and pushed all stools and bags under the desk where there is no risk of anyone tripping.

The thiosulphate equation for this is: Nobody in my group was asthmatic but if they were, I would have carried out the experiment near a window or in a fume cupboard. Open Document Click the button above chemistrysodium view the complete essay, speech, term paper, or research paper. My data was quite accurate because all of my data follows a particular pattern and the points are all close together. I have calculated the gradient of my line to support my hypothesis and found that:

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