On the new page, look to the right of Overall Balance and click on the blue link Downloadable Account Statement by Term. At least six weeks before your defence date, the Approval of examining committee for a doctoral student form must be completed and submitted to Graduate Studies. Some information about yourself may also be included with your abstract, such as previous credentials, list of publications, list of awards. Examples of circumstances that will not be considered beyond the student’s control include: If you do not have an ethics approval listing your name as attached to the study, you may need to file an Amendment to Previously Approved Research. At least four weeks before your defence date, unbound copies of your thesis must be distributed to your committee members. What happens if my thesis requires revisions?

If your thesis incorporates images, photos, maps, diagrams, etc. If the student is requesting a postponement of the publication of their thesis, the Postponement of Publication Request Form should be submitted for approval to DGS prior date of examination. After submission, your thesis will enter the queue for processing, which does not affect your requirements for graduation – please see After you have submitted your thesis to the Library. The following is a list of relationships that could be perceived as creating a conflict of interest: Typically, these revisions address deficiencies in spelling, grammar, punctuation and presentation or minor deficiencies in the work itself.

Once your thesis is substantially complete GGR 1. The thesis may be passed on the condition that revisions be completed to the satisfaction of the senior supervisor There is sometimes considerable discussion among members of the examining committee of the meaning of ‘revisions’.

Thesis Examination Procedures

It is the department’s responsibility to distribute the report to the rest of the committee. In the fields provided in the Thesis Registration System, enter your contact information, name, thesis title, course number, abstract, etc. Students are expected to seek guidance from their supervisory committee whenever there is a possibility that certain findings might be subject to embargo due to fear of persecution, patent pending, or pending publication.


The student is not permitted to mail the thesis to an external examiner. Scroll down to the Finances section. You may not carry balances from previous semesters. Ensure that your thesis follows the library’s formatting standards. Once you have submittinng that you have met ALL the requirements for formatting and have uploaded ALL required supplementary materials and documentation, complete your thesis submission: External and senior supervisor have the kinds of relationships discussed in points 1 through 3.

The proposed external examiner should be free from potential conflict of interest GGR 1. The Faculty of Arts states that the external examiner must be from outside the student’s home department.

What is the timeline for scheduling a PhD defence? A new version will not be circulated unless extenuating circumstances as per a special request through DGS typos and editorial changes do not qualify. The Ethics statement is included in the Word thesis template.

Procedures – Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies – Simon Fraser University

Your thesis must be submitted to the Library by the term’s deadline date and time —or within 3 weeks of the date on your Supervisor Revision Memo—whichever happens first. To submit your thesis to the Library by the deadline dates and timesyou must complete the following steps. I am ready to defend my thesis. Any corrections that may be required will not delay your graduation. Login to the Thesis Registration System and click on the Edit tab.


Approval letters and other documents do not have to be included in the thesis. If you have any questions about this service, check with your financial institution. Remind the student to apply to graduate through SIMS.

submitting thesis sfu

How do I choose an external examiner? Please note that although it is recommended, an intake appointment is NOT required in order to submit your thesis to the library. As such, a conflict of interest will be declared if, in the past 6 years: Water and cups for the candidate and examining committee.

It is a straightforward process to withdraw submittig student’s application, but, more challenging to add them to the graduation list after the deadline. Student who do not meet this deadline must thrsis in the following term. For DGS, as well as the tri-council, conflict of interest is assessed for the possibility of both actual conflict and perceived conflict — in this case, between the senior supervisor or the student and the external examiner.

Submitting your thesis: Deadline dates and times | SFU Library

Updated Aug 3, Master’s without an oral examination. Prior to approval of examination date.

submitting thesis sfu

Uploading your data files to Radar is entirely voluntary. Thesis submission is entirely online.

submitting thesis sfu

At least six weeks before your defence date, the Approval of examining committee for a doctoral student form must be completed and submitted to Graduate Studies.

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