Participants will be doing case studies based on simulated WSH issues and applying what they had learnt in the workshop. Safety Work Creative Award – Baa. Boarding a vessel at sea is no simple task. Never Return Commendation Award. He had presented many papers in conferences, seminars, etc. Shipyard Safety Animation Bengali.

Jimmy The Culprit Bronze Award. This year’s theme is on Falling Preventions. Shipyard Safety Animation Bengali. It is your responsibility to protect yourself and your co-workers. A co-worker explains the importance of having noise enclosures, as well as the consequence of frequent exposure to high level of noise. Safety Work Bronze Award. Make a commitment to end all risks at work now!

Upon their arrival in Singapore, foreign workers have to adapt to the new environment. Introduced in Machthe new Workplace Safety and Health Framework aims to propel Singapore to be one of the top 10 safest countries in the world.

Safe Boarding of Floating Vessels.

wsh confined space case study

SISO member Nett course fee. Foreign workers come to Singapore to seek better lives for themselves and their families. Make a commitment to end all risks at work now!

A worker lost balance on a mobile scaffold and fell xase his death.


Perform Work in Confined Space Operation (Tamil)

This is a true story. You can watch the video with subtitles in: Hear what three foreign workers say about their safety in the marine industry. Workplace Safety and Health Dance Skit.

He will also share some past accident cases related to the regulations.


This year’s theme is on Falling Preventions. Tell us what workplace safety means to you. Safety for You and Me.

wsh confined space case study

Watch this video and learn what went wrong and what should be done to prevent such tragic incidents. You must be an union member throughout the course duration and at the time of claim. This animation illustrates the correct method fonfined wearing ear plugs. A short animation about the unnoticeable dangers at work Wear personal protective equipments properly to prevent you from getting hurt unnecessarily.

Correct Way of Wearing Ear Plugs. Working in Noisy Environment. Crushed by Gantry Crane. At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to: It is created by Lim Pei Ying Clara.

Supervise Work in Confined Space Operation | localhost

Shipyard Safety Animation English. Watch this animation to learn how accidents can be prevented at dangerous work environments. Have you ever considered the cost of making the wrong decisions? This year’s theme is Falling Preventions. Understand the provisions of the Regulations and their intents Understand how the provisions are being applied in their workplaces Know how to comply with the provisions in the Regulations Know the common safety lapses uncovered during inspections Contribute effectively to the improvement of safety and health at the workplace.


(Tamil) Perform Work in Confined Space Operation – Workplace Safety & Health

Case 6 of 6: Other terms and conditions apply. The Scientist Commendation Award. Machine Operation and Maintenance. A worker’s right arm ash ripped off during a work-related accident.

Learn to prevent workplace accidents from these real cases. Take a Break Merit Award. Even with harness protection, workers falling from height could suffer physical and emotional trauma.

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